About us

We are medium size loft specialized in design and production of custom sails. To make you a perfect sail, we combine 50 years of sailing and 20 years of sailmaking experience with science and modern technology. All these processes are in-house, and we have complete control of each production step. We are capable and equipped to build sails from Optimists to Super Yachts. Whatever is your sailing passion, cruising, or racing, our dedicated sailmakers will find a solution to fulfill your desires.

Our Locations

Zagreb Loft
45° 48' 43.776'' N, 15° 51' 18.648'' E

Franje Lučića 20a
10000 Zagreb

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri : 9:00h-17:00h

tel: +385 (0)1 345 4520
fax: +385 (0)1 560 6158
email: info at dustomsails.com

Šibenik Loft
43° 42' 29.34'' N, 15° 59' 16.548'' E

Gorička 30 (I.Z. PODI)
22000 Šibenik

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:00h-16:00h
Sat: 9:00h-14:00h

tel: +385 (0)22 331 896
email: sibenik at dustomsails.com

Our History

We were founded in 2000 by Duško and Boris Tomić as a connection of experience and modern engineering knowledge. The Zagreb loft was built and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Cruisers and charter companies well accepted our cruising sails, and racing sails won many regattas. Our quality and friendly service were recognized and our company grove rapidly.

In 2005 we opened a small loft in Šibenik to be closer to our customers in Dalmatia. But within two years, it became too small, so in 2008 we built a much bigger loft (1000m2) in Šibenik. In 2010 Ivan Marković started working in Šibenik loft, and soon he became manager of the loft.

Today we have 23 employees each expert in its field. Our teams can cover the whole of Croatia, and in central Dalmatia, they are on a daily bases.

Dustom d.o.o company info

Dustom d.o.o.

Franje Lučića 20a
HR-10000 Zagreb

tel: +385 1 3454520
email: office at dustomsails.com

Bank Accounts

Bank NameErste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
Bank AddressJadranski trg 3a, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Name of account holderDUSTOM D.O.O.
Address of account holderPantovčak 186A, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBANHR81 2402006 1100542334
Bank NameZagrebačka banka d.d.
Bank AddressTrg bana Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Name of account holderDUSTOM D.O.O.
Address of account holderPantovčak 186A, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBANHR66 2360000 1102162458

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