Racing sails

Our race sails are proven state of the art winning machines. We make them for your specific needs without any compromise. We are listening to your wishes, designing them with our experience and knowledge using the most advanced tools and technologies, producing them taking care of every tiny detail. Each our race sail in the design phase is pushed through our fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis, and results are compared to already analyzed and built sails. If sail design satisfies needed goals, then sail goes into production. Our racing sails are light, smooth, have excellent shape-holding, and reliable.

Woven Racing Sails

For small and medium-size boats (< 35feet) or for events that limit other material usages. New tightly woven sailcloth, including modern coatings built for a cross-cut or a radial cut. Radial cut sailcloth will give you better shape holding and durability. Mostly used in club regattas or one-design events.

Composite laminate racing sails

We are building these sails from pre-made composite laminate sailcloth made for a radial cut. Those composite laminate sailcloth consist of a combination of different inner fibers and outer surfaces. Depending on your boat size and intended usage, we choose sailcloth with polyester, PENTEX, Aramid, and Carbon fibers laminated using various surfaces (film / taffeta / nonwoven). Radial cut also gives us the possibility to use different weight/strength sailcloth panels in different parts of the sail, depending on internal forces. They are usually used for boats from 30 feet and above for mainsails, headsails, flying genoas, code0, ...

reForce - custom made composite sails

Based on our sail design and analysis, every fiber is chosen and placed within the cloth to take needed internal loads optimally. Laminating those fibers with modern film, woven, and nonwoven surfaces, we deliver state of the art sailcloth, which is unique for each sail. It can be made in multiple pieces or as one pice composite membrane. reForce sails are the lightest, the smoothes, and the strongest race sails for a boat of any size. They are the ultimate race weapons.