Sail Service

Our approach to sail service and maintenance is fully personalized. We can service any repair you might need for boats of any size (from Optimist to superyachts), whether you race or cruise. Our skilled sailmakers will provide you with superior sail repairs and upgrades. Thay will give you expert advice on sail maintenance.

Experienced Sailmakers

Our professional sailmakers are well trained and have a lot of experience with different sail types and sizes. There is no problem they can not solve.

Big stock

We have on a stock lot of sailcloth styles and sail hardware. That way, we can quickly repair sails with the same sailcloth they were initially built using the same or similar hardware.

Modern equipment

Our state of art machines and tools give us precision and speed. Our lofts have plenty of space so we can repair the world's biggest superyachts sails. You are always welcome to come and visit us.

If you are within reach of our mobile teams, we can organize pickup (including sail removal) and delivery (including sail installation). If you are further away, we can arrange transport for you.

Annual service

Annual service will make your sails last longer and perform better as we usually find and fix smaller problems, which in the future could become significant and damage your sail permanently. We inspect your sails and give you a detailed report and suggestions for the needed service. Choosing our annual service is your big step to make your races and cruises pass without interruption and frustration.

Fast service

We provide fast sail service if possilbem overnight service. If you race, this means you will not lose races the next day. If you are cruising on your holiday, you will not lose the next day of joy and relaxation.

Windsurf sails and kites

Those are also reparable. We have all commercially available sailcloths, tools, and machines to make a perfect repair. When you receive repaired sail, you will think you never broke it.