Cruising sails

Our cruising sails are based on our race modules to have high performance but are adjusted to meet cruising sailor requirements, durability, and ease of usage. We supply only proven sail hardware and equipment from leading suppliers. Whether you have small daysailer or mega yacht, we will listen to your wishes to provide you perfect custom solution.

Woven cruising sails

These sails are for boats up to 65 feet for coastal and blue water sailing. New tightly woven sailcloth, including modern coatings and fibers (UHMWPE, Vectran, ...), built for a cross-cut or a radial cut. Radial cut sailcloth will give you better shape holding and durability. These are robust sails with long serving life and easy maintenance.

Composite laminate cruising sails

We are building these sails from pre-made composite laminate sailcloth made for a radial cut. Those composite laminate sailcloth consist of a combination of different inner fibers and outer surfaces. Depending on your boat size and intended usage, we choose sailcloth with polyester, PENTEX, Vectran, and UHMWPE fibers laminated using various surfaces (taffeta/nonwoven). Radial cut also gives us the possibility to use different weight/strength sailcloth panels in different parts of the sail, depending on internal forces. These sails are performing very well in races too, do not be surprised if you win races. These sails are for sailboats up 75 feet.

reForce - custom composite sails

These are our best cruising sails, which will provide you perfect cruising experience combined with the best performance. Fast and light but robust with smooth handling and the best cruising hardware and equipment. We made them from custom laminated sailcloth where each fiber is placed according to our extensive design analysis. You can choose surfaces in several attractive colors. These sails are for boats above 40 feet.